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Now tell us something we don't already know

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Now tell us something we don't already know

Supermarket price war sham
Only Sainsbury’s, who recently played down the price war, can boast more reductions than increases - 965 items are down and 704 are up.
The others, who have been the loudest in their claims, cannot say the same, said data from analysts for industry journal The Grocer.
Asda have said they are spending £1billion over the next five years to cut prices, but since February 23rd it has cut the cost of 1,080 items and increased it on 1,599.
Tesco, which uses the slogan ‘prices down and staying down’ has cut 1,012 price tags but hiked up 1,350 others.
And Morrisons, which is using its ‘I’m Cheaper’ motto in stores and adverts, cut prices on just 399 products in the same period but increased 430.

It takes a canny shopper to save money on their shopping these days.

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