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Now it`s all over......

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Now it`s all over......

Just done a quick read of some headlines, in our favourite rag..... the Daily Mail....  ! !

and it seems that the Dow Jones index has slumped , ... and I do mean SLUMPED  or was it Trumped  ?

on fears for the economy...


Also... the Canadian Immigrations Website has been TRUMPED too... error 505 for many people who are seriously considering emigrating to Canada now that Trump is in charge...


Farage seems to be taking some credit for Trump`s victory....


What a mad world this is... and it`s only been a few hours since the result was announced.

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Re: Now it`s all over......

I'm going to open a new business selling digging equipment like spades etc.

Then work my way up to pre-dug nuclear fall out shelters.
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Re: Now it`s all over......

Nah, invest your money in fake tanning stuff, fart'll need to buy a lot of it to maintain his orange complexion... Funny

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Re: Now it`s all over......

Really mad with myself at the thought of all that money I could have made, just imagine a triple bet on the following,

1. The Tory party would not get a majority in the General Election.

2. Britexit would lose the referrendum.

3. Trump would not be president.

I could have been booking that world cruse today.........Drat the polls !


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Re: Now it`s all over......

Add Andy Murray becoming No 1 seed.

rollup bet of 500,000 to one

Add in JC as leader of the Labour party you could quote your own odds!


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Re: Now it`s all over......

It's all over now baby blue? Wink

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