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Not seen this happen before:

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Not seen this happen before:

Off our local village high-street, a side road has recently been re-surfaced. The section re-surfaced is only about 400 yards long but, because it contains a public library, a church and a nursery school, in the space of the 400 yards are 4 speed-bumps. So far so good but, instead of the usual re-building of the speed-bumps they have been surfaced over, producing very smooth bumps that are no deterrent to speeding vehicles whatsoever.
Any thoughts that later the bumps new surface would be stripped off and the bumps re-built have proved unlikely as the white triangles have been re-painted and the works contractors have been long gone for more than a month.
Anyone else seen this rather odd approach to road-mending. 
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Re: Not seen this happen before:

Is it worth talking to your Highways Dept. to ask what  they are going to do about the humps?