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Not a good start to the week..

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Not a good start to the week..

A Private Jet has crashed in the Northern mountainous area of Mexico...

on a flight from Las Vegas to Monterrey .... all on board perished.


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Re: Not a good start to the week..

Very sad.

I guess there are a number of light aircraft that crash and we hear little or nothing about it unless the numbers involved are high or the persons killed are well known, years ago there were a number of well known singers in the states flying to gigs who died in light plane crashes.

In more recent times John Denver was one of the latest to be involved in a fatal crash.

Not sure about this but I don't think many of these lighter aitcraft have black boxes.

Irrespective of who loses their lives the affect on friends and relatives must be awful.

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Re: Not a good start to the week..

We only really hear of the ones involving Brits.