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Not a good day Friday

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Not a good day Friday

Got up on friday morning, switched on the laptop to find an e-mail....Pretty sure a scam. Quoted a Password that I had used in the past and is still used on some sites. Asking for $800 to a bitcoin account else they would sent videos of me having a good time while watching some naughty sites to friends of mine they had got off my Facebook site ( Not on facebook so that wouldnt be easy) . Remembered that someone had reported receiving similar e-mail on community site so found it to see what action they had taken, found it and it confirmed my suspicions so deleted e-mail. Today went in to my password manager and checked passwords and changed any that had the quoted password.

Just before going to bed received a text on phone from Halifax saying that a transfer I was doing  needed me to confirm that it was me who was doing it and to follow the link to confirm this! Strange as I dont have a Halifax account. Checked the provided link on my laptop on google not found, checked the Halifax website nothin on there. Blocked  and deleted text on phone.

This morning got three e-mails telling me i had won a gift voucher on Paypal . Have a paypal account but is unused for a long time.


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Re: Not a good day Friday

As my colleague used to say - "Must have run over a robin".

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Re: Not a good day Friday

I've been scammed, and what a pain that was. Energy company transfer (without my consent).

Would go into detail as to what I think of them.

It would involve lots of swear words, so I'd better 🤐