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Non inclusive rebranding.

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Re: Non inclusive rebranding.

Not that it matters to many myself included, but according to Wikipedia "Hunte has talked extensively about life as a black gay man and the abuse he receives being in the public eye, as well as his experiences of sexual abuse"

What puzzles and maybe it shouldn't though is this idea of a special correspondence for such matters. Changing times of course, but not always easy for the older generation like myself to keep up with them.

Maybe it's time for me to buy a dog and engage in those four reasons for doing so: elimination, mental stimulation, exercise, and training. 

Nah. :tongue:

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Re: Non inclusive rebranding.

@Minivanman Didnt Know the reporter,but think your right that is was Hunte. Agree if there is a title of LGBT correspondant why isnt  there one with the title straight white correspondent? that would be true equality. NOT a dig at Hunte but at the BBC.:tickedoff:

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Re: Non inclusive rebranding.

Remember the controversy a couple of years ago over heterosexual actors playing gay characters?  Just about every soap opera has at least one LGBT character, and some of them are played by straight men just like any number of straight characters have been played by gay men through the ages.  Acting is exactly that, acting.  I'm sure the character of Hitler has been played by very peaceful men over the years, and those playing Jesus may well have had a bit of a temper; in fact you often hear actors saying that they prefer playing someone totally unlike themselves.

Political correctness:  Some time ago I was travelling to work with a black colleague who during our conversation mentioned white board, but as soon as he said it he hastily asked, "Are we still allowed to say that?"