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No Water

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No Water

We had no mains water for most of yesterday, second time in a fortnight, due to water mains pipes bursting.


United Utilities are very good at keeping us, and other residents who have signed up, informed by means of Text messages, phone calls, emails and website.

Fortunately it was late morning yesterday. 

Low mains pressure that got worse as the day progressed, to eventually no water.


UU are using tankers to try and keep water supplies going, they also bring round bottled water.

In any case, we keep a large supply of bottled water to cover such emergencies,  in date for drinking, out of date for washing, toilet flushing etc...


As always, we fill a sink with Hot water adjacent to the shower, so if we get a water supply (or electric) problem, we can at least rinse off in warm water.


As it happens, we tend to be up & about early anyway.



Country living eh !


Ladybower Reservoir two weeks ago ...

KUGA  LADYBOWER DRY     301118 35 copy.jpg



KUGA  LADYBOWER DRY     301118 03 copy.jpg