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No Ice please

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No Ice please

Wimbledon's £8 Pimm's is just HALF as strong as it's supposed to be - and punters say it might as well be a soft drink
Wimbledon sells around 230,000 glasses of Pimm's a year at £7.80 each
£1.8m !
The gin-based spirit is traditionally mixed with lemonade, fruit and ice
And the Ice dilutes the drink !!
It is officially supposed to be one part Pimm's to three parts lemonade - but a scientific analysis reveals it can be just one part to nine at Wimbledon

Personally, I don't understand the attraction of Pimms.
(Even when free at Wimbledon !)
The best use for Ice at Wimbledon, are the very large Cool Boxes filled with Ice, into which are placed soft drink tins, very nice, and very welcome.

Regarding added Ice to drinks, when we eat out, I always specify No Ice in the soft drinks, not only does the Ice dilute the drink, but in some instances, the cup is full of Ice, with not much room left for the soft drink.
Second point, I always watch the server when they separate or hold the disposable cups, and quite often they hold the cup with a finger inside the cup, that is a definite No-No.
And why pay soft drink prices for Water ?
As it is, the soft drink is usually dispensed from a cooler, or a bottle from a cold shelf.
However, when abroad, where it is very hot, such as Barbados, with free drinks, it is acceptable to have a cupful of crushed Ice, with drink added.
Though, of course, one has to be especially wary of the source of the water used to make the Ice, it may contain Bugs !!
Should be OK in large reputable hotels, but never in Café's etc.
When sightseeing abroad, we place a half empty 2 litre+ bought bottle of Water  in the Freezer overnight, upright with a loose lid, and then top up with water from another purchased bottle of water before going out for the day.
This keeps the water cold all day, even in the hottest climes.
Though of course, one has to be aware of the condensation on the outside of the bottle !