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No-IP moving to charging model

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No-IP moving to charging model

Having moved from dyndns to no-ip some years ago, after they started to charge, I have received an email today stating no-ip will be charging soon:


At No-IP, we are always striving to make our services faster, more reliable and better for our customers. We work hard every day to put our customers first, to help guarantee that they have a flawless experience, and that we are
creating services they can count on. This dedication has helped us stay at the forefront of our industry for nearly 20 years.

Over the last year we have made network improvements, interface updates, and product pricing modifications, all while expanding our horizons to international markets.

Today, we announce that in the next couple of months, No-IP will be moving to a subscription sales model.

No-IP has partnered with an industry leading subscription management platform to improve our billing system and pricing capabilities. For the last 20 years, we have been utilizing our own homegrown billing system to process payments. It has worked well, with a few hiccups over time, but as we look to the future, we realize that we don't want to waste valuable time focusing on things that aren't our core business. To scale for the future and quickly
release new products, we realized that we needed to rework our billing system.

Subscriptions were the answer.

What does this mean to me?

Customers will notice slight changes when we move over to our new billing system.

Key Benefits of moving to the new billing and subscription management platform:

Recurring billing processes that make it even easier for you to renew your services
Adding new domains or upgrading services does not require re-entering payment information

Support of new payment methods
International offline payments will be applied directly to an invoice.
Resellers with multiple services can group their services together into a payment profile
Optimized checkout experience - making it easier than ever to check out, even on mobile
The zone-based pricing model for Plus Managed DNS

We truly believe that this move will streamline our services and billing for our customers while letting our engineers focus on the things that matter, like our network and creating amazing new products.

We will be launching subscriptions soon and will be sending additional updates as to when these changes will take effect on your account, so stay tuned.

I only use it for a webcam, so it will be no biggy for me to just stop, but it could impact others. I shall have to remember to stop recommending them now too. I know PN offer a static for a fiver, certainly cheaper than the subscription model I bet.


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Re: No-IP moving to charging model is a far better substitute -


The only snag is it's slightly more complex to use if you're not well versed with DNS but they do also offer a dynamic IP service like no-ip.

I gave up on no-ip years ago when they switched to being a PITA for free accounts. Even when i closed my account they continued spamming me - took me months to get them to stop.

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Re: No-IP moving to charging model

Also had the mail from no-ip with this section included
"Common Questions
Will Free Dynamic DNS still be free?
Yes. Our Free Dynamic DNS service will remain free with no changes. We pride ourselves on our Free Dynamic DNS. It is what started this entire journey over 19 years ago."

So still free if you don't mind the monthly reverification.
As to Plusnet's fixed ip , while it's cheap, the implementation leaks far too much identifiable user information by default ,for me.
To be fair plusnet do give a generic warning about the security risks of using fixed IP when switching it on.
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Re: No-IP moving to charging model

Yes, I too got a second email today. Seems that there is a little backtracking in there. Not sure they weren't going to charge, but maybe there was a bit of an outcry and they will sneak it in another day.