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Nice article on the reg about XP

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Nice article on the reg about XP

See El Reg
It's howto setup the XP VM under any version of windows (or on Linux) and includes a few suggestions on how to keep it safe.
Great if you still have some apps that don't run under W7/8/wine.
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Re: Nice article on the reg about XP

I suspect most people with "Home" editions of XP or W7 will stumble on that given the key/authentication requirements.  Wink
As it happens I have done almost exactly as they describe on an "oldish" Dell laptop licenced for XP Pro.
I installed (legally) a fresh copy of W7 Home Premium and downloaded XP Pro as described and run it in a Microsoft VM, validated with the OEM key on the case.
Technically the Microsoft VM doesn't work (isn't available or included?) on W7HP but that's almost trivial to overcome.
I use this to run some software that refuses point blank to run on anything later than XP.