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Next Head of the Commonwealth

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Next Head of the Commonwealth

How about Harry?

He's shown far more interest in developing nations than his father.

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Re: Next Head of the Commonwealth

Evenly numbered children (2, 4, etc) tend to have a habit of being a bit troublesome. He was caught on camera years ago with the swastika on his person (can't remember if it was a tatoo, badge or what). Although I do agree he seems to have publicly shown more interest in humanitarian causes, he's also a trained killer.

I personally would trust William more. He's probably done daft things in the past too but he's now a family man with his own children and understands what protecting young life is all about. He's also done humanitarian work in the past too.

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Re: Next Head of the Commonwealth

@jelv wrote:
How about Harry?

Actually that would probably be a good choice.

As in upcoming years we may have more of a need for Commonwealth business and Harry seems the sort to get in their face and fight for it.