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News report slanted by omission

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News report slanted by omission

Police are understood to have looked at thousands of phone messages when reviewing evidence but it was not until the prosecution was close to trial that Met officers disclosed messages between the complainant and her friends that cast doubt on the case against Allan.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said it offered no evidence in the case on Thursday as it was decided “there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction”.

But in today's Times (paywalled)

His lawyers had repeatedly been refused access to records from the woman’s telephone because police insisted that there was nothing of interest for the prosecution or defence, the court was told.

When a new prosecution barrister took over the case the day before the start of the trial, he ordered police to hand over any telephone records. It was revealed that they had a computer disk containing copies of 40,000 messages.

They showed that she continued to pester Mr Allan for “casual sex”, told friends how much she enjoyed it with him and discussed her fantasies of being raped and having violent sex.

Jerry Hayes, the prosecuting barrister, told the court yesterday that he would offer no evidence. “I would like to apologise to Liam Allan. There was a terrible failure in disclosure which was inexcusable,” he said.

Mr Hayes, a former Tory MP and criminal barrister for 40 years, added: “There could have been a very serious miscarriage of justice, which could have led to a very significant period of imprisonment and life on the sex offenders register. It appears the [police] officer in the case has not reviewed the disk, which is quite appalling.”

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Re: News report slanted by omission

Makes you wonder how many other "omissions" there have been over the years! 

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Re: News report slanted by omission

But it must have been a senior police officer(s) who took that decision not to release those records.

They must have known this was wrong and should be subject to disciplinary action, which of course is unlikely to happen as the police investigate themselves.

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