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[News Story] - EU calls for clear consent on cookies

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[News Story] - EU calls for clear consent on cookies

Hi All
Just seen this:
[quote="EU agency calls for clear consent on indelible and zombie cookies"]
Don't just go shoving them down people's throats
New, more persistent cookies pose an increasing risk to the privacy of consumers online, according to an EU security agency report released on Friday.
The advertising industry is pushing the adoption of new, more "persistent and powerful cookies" which profile users, often without users' awareness about what's happening.
Surfers should only be offered these cookies under a system of informed consent, according to ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency), which is calling on the industry to explain what it is doing and make it easier to delete unwanted advertising cookies.
Cookies were initially used to manage browser-server interaction but this role has been expanded over time to include advertising management, profiling and tracking. Most of the developments were driven by the advertising industry.

About time the advertising industry got told were to go.
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Re: [News Story] - EU calls for clear consent on cookies

I'm assuming they are specifically talking about .lso (local shared objects) or flash cookies. The thing about flash cookies is that they can store unlimited amount of data unless you have restricted the amount of data stored by changing the confusing flash player settings. As for zombie cookies, I think this has came around after Quantcast (amongst others) were using the flash cookies that were able to recreate themselves after deletion and track users across domains -
These types of cookies have been around for a couple of years now, and rarely are they mentioned in anyones Privacy/Cookie Policy. I spend my time on and usually disclosure of these cookies is a requirement for sites to satisfy a green rating.
Anyone worried about Flash Cookies should run FireFox with BetterPrivacy installed (lets you see what flash cookies are on your system and lets you remove them) and also run Ghostery (blocks known flash cookies, beacons/bugs/trackers)