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[News Storie] - 'Grandfather of DNA' attacks government policy

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[News Storie] - 'Grandfather of DNA' attacks government policy

Hi All
The Grandfather of DNA attacks government policy, good on him.
[quote="'Grandfather of DNA' attacks government policy"]
The man who pioneered DNA fingerprinting has called for the profiles of innocent people to be removed from the controversial national database.
Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys was speaking on the 25th anniversary of his breakthrough when he criticised the government for the policy of holding on to the profiles despite people having never been charged or convicted.
Speaking to the BBC, the 59-year-old said: "My view is very, very simple – has been from the outset.
"Innocent people do not belong on that database. Branding them as future criminals is not a proportionate response in the fight against crime.

See as well: DNA pioneer calls for innocent to be taken off database
On a related note: Faked DNA evidence torpedoes certainty
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Re: [News Storie] - 'Grandfather of DNA' attacks government policy

He's been speaking against the government for a while now, but usually his comments are ignored or tucked away behind other news. Glad his views are getting more recognition now.