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New interests

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New interests

Since the lockdown have any of you took additional interest in something.

Amazingly I have been doing a few jigsaws, something I have not done since I was at school, never thought I would have the patience to do a jigsaw but find it quite relaxing.

Not that I am short of things to do but with winter coming, going out less and wet weather it’s handy to do additional indoor things.

Level of reading has also increased but have always liked reading.

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Re: New interests

@gleneagles wrote:

Since the lockdown have any of you took additional interest in something.

Not really an additional interest, but more time to devote to existing interests, like clearing gunge from the fish pond, and replacing internal door latches with bale catches.

They say that time is money - if only!  🙄

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Re: New interests

Certainly doing more reading these days - which has to be far better than the pseudo socialising on mobile phones many are getting sucked into even more during lockdown.  

Just about to settle down with a book that came with the post only this morning - '12 Rules For Life - An Antidote to Chaos' by Jordon B Peterson. That and the occasional strumming on the old Acoustic should keep me out of trouble... not that there is much to get into these days. 

Interesting about puzzles though as I've not done one for years either. My old Dad used to love doing them and I can still see him now tackling a giant one of Constables Hay Wain on the dining room table and hearing Mum muttering in the background because dinner was nearly ready and she needed the room!



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