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New Photo Driving licence renewal

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Re: New Photo Driving licence renewal

Last year I had a car that was written off my my insurer.  It was uneconomic to repair and I was given a new replacement car.  Just checked and the old car is showing as being insured.  I wonder what is going on with these vehicles Undecided
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Re: New Photo Driving licence renewal

Presumably, your car came under the heading of an "insurance write-off" (as opposed to mine being a voluntary scrapping) The question being can insurance companies off-load write-off's to the motor trade for spare part recovery or rebuilding. On the face of your experience the answer is yes!
Depending how badly damaged the car was, I suppose it could now be a "cut and shut" repair, which as far as I know are illegal. Perhaps the new owner should have a good look at his car.
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Re: New Photo Driving licence renewal

@artmo, common practice. They'll rather take your car from you than repair it. Then they sell it off cheap and let someone else pickup the repair bill (even though they end up paying out more to replace the car - bonkers IMO). It'll still be a category D or C if its been officially written off but unless its a B or A then its still legal to rebuild and put back on the road and many cars do survive the write off process. We have one on the drive which was written off as a Cat C a couple of years back after an unfortunate slip on black ice introduced it to the front end of a Volvo (and no, not one of the new ones, I mean one of the old tank quality Volvos).
Long story short, they wrote it off and I rebuilt it myself with parts and panels from an identical donor but they would of taken that and sold it off as scrap to a yard where it would of either been broken up or rebuilt and put back on the road by someone. Nothing wrong or illegal about it but it does sometimes leave people who are attached to their car feeling a bit bitter that someone else has got it on the road.
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