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New Deals vs Old

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New Deals vs Old

Quick question to the more informative out there, I have noticed recently (due to LOTS of spam mail through my door) that other providers are seemingly offering the slower fiber broadband way cheaper than I currently shell out for plusnet (£34.98), the most spam mail i get is from TalkTalk who's offer seems to be £22.45 inc line rental which is noticably cheaper than my current plusnet deal which amounts to the exact same thing, which is fiber broadband + line rental for an unused-for-calls phone land line.

Does anyone know if there are any hidden prices thrown in or is at actually £22.45 a month?  seeing as there is no option in my plusnet account to swap to any new cheaper package I was thinking of taking a look elsewhere now that more than 1 alternative seem to be cheaper at first glance.

Anyone have any thoughts or are these all carefully worded scams?

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Re: New Deals vs Old

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Re: New Deals vs Old

why not ask the people that sent the email over at
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Re: New Deals vs Old


If you are not currently under contract then ring Plusnet customer services and select the 'I'm thinking of leaving' option. After they make you a silly offer tell them that you can get the same service from TT for £22.45. Chances are that Plusnet will match it.