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New Customers V Old Customers

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New Customers V Old Customers

So today I used online chat to discuss my account.


As i'm out of contract and there is a deal on at the moment that would reduce my bill.  However i have been told that they cannot offer that deal to me.


Does plusnet not award customer loyalty?? 

I have used plusnet for some years now, i like the service, and apart from some teething troubles back at the start with my previous BB connection i've had no real issues.



I'm now looking elsewhere, and while i may not get a better deal, if i am offered a similar deal i will move.

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Re: New Customers V Old Customers

Sounds about right.

Like Brexit and the feeling from voters that the establishment was ignoring them, you as a customer should make known your intent and leave if they do not respond favourably.  

Blackmail? If you like, although I prefer to think of it as a game of poker Wink

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Re: New Customers V Old Customers

Showing your disapproval will get you nowhere, the ball`s in your court, tell them your off, unless you get a favourable deal, if it does not work put the phone down, and ring back you may get a more reasonable adviser .  

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Re: New Customers V Old Customers

If you think the "hassle" of ditching and switching, for a 6months or a year, you will be considered to be a new customer when you ring up and re start with PN.. depends. though, on what the "new business" offers are , for your new ( temp ) supplier, and also PN at the time of return...


Will PN still be a separate operation to BT then ? or swallowed up by another big name ?

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Re: New Customers V Old Customers

I told the person on chat I was going to look at other providers .... 


[CSA Removed]as that is a short team new customer deal for black friday we cant quite match that price

Fletch: Thanks for your help today, if you can cancel BT sport, i will have a look at other companies

[CSA Removed]ok no worries, thanks for your time today

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