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Never underestimate the police!

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Never underestimate the police!

Kent Police are currently turning every man hour into a hunt for the murderer of PCSO Julia James who was brutally murdered while walking her dog recently. Regardless of whether the murderer knew she was Kent Police or not, they've stoked a hornets nest and KP will go out of its way to find the person who did this. Whoever did it doesn't really stand a chance of escaping the law - hundreds of police officers brain power plus civilian investigators (employees of KP with no power of arrest) all working to follow up every lead.. there is no way a single person could outsmart an entire police force in this day and age.

So I was absolutely stunned today to see a DM article about Stephen Lawrence - the young black guy who was brutally murdered many years ago. Having got very little done to find his murders, the met police eventually came up with a plan to bug the five suspects and sent them to Scotland for a fortnight - all paid for by Martin Bashir and the Tonight programme. While there the house was bugged, the golf carts were bugged, and undercover cab driver was inserted and then they called in a royal navy SUBMARINE!

If you ever think of turning to crime, violence or murder, let this be a lesson. You will not outsmart the police and if they want you, they'll get you.

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Re: Never underestimate the police!

Well fingers crossed they catch the culprit, but why do I have a sneaky suspicion this was carried out by somebody who has already fled the country. I hope I'm wrong, and lets hope the police crack this one asap. 

PS. Just reading this, they might have caught the guy!

Julia James: Man held over murder of Kent PCSO - BBC News

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