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Seems like there is a Nationwide banking problem.... nationwide....

cant log in... or do anything online...




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Re: Nationwide




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Re: Nationwide

I know someone who has been having difficulties for the last few weeks. Every log in took them to the 'Mortgage Application' page not the banking log in. They did find a work round in the end.

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Re: Nationwide

Good news its all back on and looks like its working OK.

Better news I've had my £10 Christmas present from Mrs May I promise to spend it wisely  

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Re: Nationwide

Nothing to do with the Maybot.

"This was established by the Pensioners and Family Income Supplement Payments Act 1972 as a one off payment which was repeated by the Heath government in 1973 and 1974. It was then repeated by the Labour Government in 1977 and 1978. The subsequent Pensioners' Payments and Social Security Act of 1979 established it permanently, although the amount has never been uprated". [Wikipedia].

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Re: Nationwide

Nationwide App on phone is working Thumbs_Up

And i haven't had my £10 Christmas Bonus Roll_eyes But yes its about time there was a increase ,,,, on all benefits not just Christmas

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Re: Nationwide

Hi mine was paid on the 5th Dec last year also a monday the same day as my pension is paid every four weeks its to do with the last two numbers of your NI number

00-19 Monday

20-39 Tuesday

40-59 Wednesday

60-79 Thursday

80-99 Friday

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Re: Nationwide

Perhaps Nationwide expect you to read them a poem before opening the magic gates to their kingdom.

Back in 1974 when the miners were striking for a £21/week wage, I was earning £15/week so £10 in 1972 would have been somewhere near a week's pay for many.  Now it buys you less than three pints of ale.