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`National Service` for our sons and daughters is afoot

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Re: `National Service` for our sons and daughters is afoot


So where have you been?  
Have you been in the Services?
have you been to countries devastated by floods,?
have you been involved in a Sea Rescue with waves 40 to 50 feet high crashing over your ship?
Have you been to sea two days before christmas day, and raced to assist a passenger liner ON FIRE .... AT SEA.... then had to collect the dead and burned bodies from the sea around the ship as it gradually sinks.... only to spend Christmas Day in Gibraltar, taking those same bodies ashore for identification, and burial......
I doubt you have done ANY of that.... WELL I HAVE... I was 17 at the time.... and had just finished my training....
It came in very handy, helping me to cope with the situations presented to me...... and what is more. it is still a source of assistance to me in my present life..... I am 65 years old........
Joining the Royal Navy at 15 and 3 months, was the BEST thing that ever happened to me, and my life has been forever guided by the training I received from it....
NO, you don`t tell me you have "been there".... and don`t try to rely on religion to emphasize your points...

NO, I havent done any of those things you have, but then neither has most people.
Doesnt mean I have to be in favour of National Service when I know the damn war-mongerers are itching
to start another war on a Sovereign nation.
I have a very good friend who is ex-army, and he`s very much against a strike against Iran.
What`s more he`d tell you much the same as what I have done on the political issues so far discussed.
Flaming heck, I know in times of war, soldiers have to `dig in` -  but looking at some of the comments
you make I dont think you`ve ever `dug out` lol   (still got head in SAND lol)  
dick:green Quote tag fixed.  
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Re: `National Service` for our sons and daughters is afoot

Well, at least my head will be safe, when the world, as you know it, comes to an end............... Cry
Unfortunately for you, yours is still in the clouds, being covered in chemtrails..and swirling around in religious bigotry, looking for the answer to unknown problems, yet to be discovered, and  to be proved beyond doubt, to the unbelievers, with a clear and concise argument, that cannot be disputed. Roll eyes