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My Garage sent me a Video......

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My Garage sent me a Video......

The Jazz hybrid went in for a Service yesterday.

I received an email, containing a High Quality Video, 90" duration, entitled Honda Vehicle Health Check.

This showed me round the Jazz, pointing out a couple of items such as front brake pads needing replacing before the next service, wheels removed.


I thought this was a nice touch.


They also collected & returned the Jazz, at no extra cost, and it was gleaming shiny as new when returned, having been cleaned & valeted.

The cost was no more than for a regular service.

(£160 inc MOT)

Now three years old...... with the nil increase in £10 VED, it's a keeper..... 

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Re: My Garage sent me a Video......

Ahh, they are finally catching up with my Audi garage. I've had that for the past three years.

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Re: My Garage sent me a Video......

So when can I expect a video entitled 'Why you Should Dump it' from the DVLA for my 10 year old Fiesta? Wink

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Re: My Garage sent me a Video......

10 y.o, wassat! My Fabia is 14.

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Re: My Garage sent me a Video......

Ditto my Clio.