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Multi-generational living.

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Multi-generational living.

Could you live with your extended family under one roof?

Kent County Council seems to think so here, but would it actually work. Well all we'd need is a £million in order to find out!

Not sure I could hack it though as at my age I just love my peace and quiet, like things to be left where I put them, along with early nights and late mornings..... and no screaming kids. 

Been there, done that.  

Nice for some no doubt, but not for me even with all those kitchens (three), bathrooms (five) and bedrooms (seven)  🙂



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Re: Multi-generational living.

Of course I could.

As long as I lived in a huge mansion and the rest lived in one wing or other so I could go days without seeing or hearing them.

Otherwise only under gunpoint.

I can't see the council has gained anything with that arrangment. It probably would have made more sense leaving it as a "hotel" and housed many of the local homeless.

And how do they work out the council tax and rent.


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Re: Multi-generational living.

Multigenerational living in an ex-hotel? Easy, they're pretty much granny-annexes all in one building, so shut the annoying parts of the family out and enjoy the peace... 😁


Now if it was the same in a mining/mill town 2-up 2-down terraced with rooms and beds shared like it was the dark ages, that'd be more tory-party compatible, given they hate regular people having the free will to live how where they like despite them not being of the silver spoon in their mouth kind... 😋

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Re: Multi-generational living.

It's bad enough living with the wife,,,😅😅😅😅