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Most Overated Super Power?

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Most Overated Super Power?

I've always been a fan of what we simply called American comics in the sixties. The only difference now is I read them on a tablet which means I don't have to pay several hundred pounds to read those I once bought for 10d in the sixties (and sadly didn't seal in a plastic bag and lock away).
I've always thought that super speed was the most overrated super power. Look, Superman re-decorated an entire house in 10 minutes or the Flash searched every street in a city in, well in a flash.
It strikes me that in "reality" it would only be great for a watching third party. Because if you were Superman you would still have to do every brush stroke. The Flash would still have to trudge down every street.
So if you're a comic super hero fan what super power do you think is overrated or just plain useless?

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Re: Most Overated Super Power?

I can multitask, does that count 🤣