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'More suicides' in government disability test areas

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'More suicides' in government disability test areas

Nearly 600 suicides in England may be associated with the government's "fit-for-work" tests, research suggests.
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Re: 'More suicides' in government disability test areas

which both the reports authors and the government point out here is zero causal link or any conclusion that can be drawn,
mental people do mental things, people with ill health often suffer bouts of mental ill health after being ill for a protracted period of time, unchecked that often leads to problems such as suicide, the added pressures of the WCA's may or may not trigger such problems but often its the fear of change that triggers them, when I had my WCA I was declared fit for work as my several inch thick medical documentation wasn't admissible proof of the problem under the ATOS contract terms and the gyn/obs nurse practitioner from Nairobi who took the assessment didn't even bother to do the physical..... needless to say I won the tribunal just by showing up, the WCA's were totally unfit for the declared purpose (to see if that many people were really ill) but perfect for the undeclared one (to fill Atos's pockets with as much cash as possible) and they were scrapped as soon as politically expedient (when ATOS agreed to leave the contract without suing or being sued by the government for failures on both sides) the newly devised test that hasn't come in yet in most places is rather different, administered in a different way and just as likely to meet with large swaths of the public disapproving of it (from my understanding it will at least be fit for the declared purpose)
that said I don't doubt that the results of the WCA's have left a lot of people feeling suicidal, especially when you receive a DWP notification that your tribunal was successful and in the next envelope a notification that your WCA is due next week ....nothing more than harassment by a system desperate to score as much cash as possible for the PLC that was creaming in the cash from bonus payments when declaring people fit in their thousands regardless of the real situation, some inevitably spiralled because of that especially having suffered years of it already, others the system shock of this cruel and unusual punishment for having the temerity to be ill sealed the deal, but far more just got on with life , some resigned themselves to the stupidity of the new system wasting millions on unnecessary assessments and tribunals others got the message to stop skiving and got a job, but the entire system was recklessly flawed and put a lot of people at unnecessary risk or indeed induced it (which is widely accepted hence they planned the changes for it) however recklessly inaccurate reporting in this accusatory fashion is only good if your a jihadist supporting Corbynite
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