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More `Problem - reaction - solution`

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More `Problem - reaction - solution`

During the past few days we have heard many complaints from people who claim they
were locked out before they had chance to vote, or in some cases; voting papers ran out.
But is this really the truth?  or might this just have been deliberately done so that if tptb
posed a problem - the masses would then react - thus enabling tptb to install
the solution they wanted to start with.
In order to grasp a fuller understanding of how their `problem /reaction /solution technique
works, then we need to see WHERE and HOW it has been used in other areas.
Three years ago this month little  Madeleine McCann went missing.
This was on the 3rd May 2007.
On the 15th May 2007 the propoganda machine set in.....  asking :  Would an implanted chip help
to keep my child safe? (TimesOnline)
Now for another incident :-
In the U.S. tptb have long since wanted to introduce `body scanners`
However, and because Privacy advocates were against them, and because certain people brought
to attention the dangers posed to health by such scanners, they were unable to find a way of
introducing them in a palatable way to the American public and others.
That was, of course, until the incident on Boxing Day 2009 - when a man without a passport was allowed
on to a flight from Detroit  (allegedly carrying an explosive device)
Within a couple of days.....  the body scanner propoganda was in full swing, and within a few short
weeks body scanners were being installed in airports.
Next, does anyone still remember all those many `missing /lost data` stories we read about in the press a
few years ago - including how all the Child Benefit details had gone missing?
Again, this was mere propoganda in an attempt to unsettle Joe Public ready for the microchip agenda.
.....and could we ever forget the swine flu propoganda?  (and prior to that the bird flu propoganda!)
We have a PROBLEM  -  Public REACTS  -  Oh look we have just the SOLUTION for you.....    walk this
way please : get your H1N1 vaccine here  Smiley
Until we start to realise that this `problem - reaction - solution`  works for tptb every time,  then we shall
go on being CONNED, DECEIVED, and eventually enslaved by those who are playing this stupid game
with us.

Posts: 507
Registered: ‎23-02-2010

Re: More `Problem - reaction - solution`

Sorry I forgot to include this important link in my OP.

Chaotic polling problems lead to calls for e-voting

e-voting is now a given cert  -  the recent problems having been caused deliberately....
the public (yet again) having reacted.......      and the solution will now be given.
The powers that be win again.....  how totally and utterly pathetic.