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Mobile numbers and orders

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Mobile numbers and orders

On a couple of recent online orders the form to be filled in asked for a mobile number, failure to enter the number resulted in not being able to complete the delivery form, at one time the request for a mobile number was optional as a landline number was acceptable but this seems no longer the case.

I guess the request for a telephone number is useful for a delivery firm as they can phone ahead to check you are in and arrange delivery but why the assumption everyone has a mobile phone ?

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Re: Mobile numbers and orders

have you tried putting a landline number in the mobile slot

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Re: Mobile numbers and orders

I have had one of those before and a landline was accepted. I do have a mobile but prefer to only give my landline number to these sites.

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Re: Mobile numbers and orders

Even HMRC are now insisting on a mobile number to allow access to the the 'Self Assessment' on-line Tax form.  The rationale is that they will send you a Text message with a one time, time limited access code to allow you validated entry.

That's fine, but Mobile coverage in the village is sporadic at best, we have to get to one of several high spots around the village to get a good signal.   It'll have to be back to paper for me after 6 years doing it on-line.

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Re: Mobile numbers and orders

Always a bit "wary" of giving out my mobile number to these kind of places... Yeah.. I can see that they "may" need the number "IF" the driver "wants" to contact you... however,   I have never had any delivery driver contact me, ( used to give mobile when I first got one, a few years ago )... the only thing I can see they want it for is to sell it on to others who will then sell it on for those annoying quiet phone calls... and of course, once its out there............  


If a website wants one... I usually make one up starting with 077     and it usually gets accepted, and can proceed with the rest of the ordering ...

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Re: Mobile numbers and orders

HMRC now accept landline numbers as well as mobile numbers for the 6 digit verification code.

It is a pity they couldn't get a clear voice to speak the numbersSad