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Mobile Phone Storage

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Mobile Phone Storage

Where do you keep your mobile phones & sim cards ?

I Wonder if this chap was taking someone's suggestion seriously ?


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Re: Mobile Phone Storage

The strange ways of prisonersCheesy


Perhaps the bottom was about to fall out of the mobile market there?

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Re: Mobile Phone Storage

I've heard about people who talk out of their rears...............

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Re: Mobile Phone Storage

Two phones I never have any trouble selling. Key fob style phones and the Nokia 8210.

I can understand the why with the key fob jobbiesSmiley but the chargers are a lot bigger so where...............

I always wondered why the 8210 sold so well until I googled it.

I wonder what model is next to get popular with our "underclass".


"Improvised chargers" never read that bit. So that's just the chargers circuit board and a couple of prongs. Ouch too many sharp edges and pointy bits.

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Re: Mobile Phone Storage

I wonder which phone will get to ring first?