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Mobile Phone Coverage

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Mobile Phone Coverage
The BBC reports that the 3G coverage of the UK might not be as good as the mobile phone companies proclaim.
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Re: Mobile Phone Coverage

Indeed, at our offices on the 4th Floor in the middle of London there is awful 3G coverage, no matter which network you're on in which I find crazy.

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Re: Mobile Phone Coverage

Yep, this map kind of confirms what the majority of us already knew and the phone companies also knew but would not admit!
For those in the rural locations, this map shows the idea that 3G can replace ADSL is just not going to happen without more basestations being installed!
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Re: Mobile Phone Coverage

An interesting report.  Saw the item on BBC Breakfast this morning. 3G is certainly not good even in rural areas.
Here's the map to enter your postcode and check your area:
What I don't understand is when I enter my postcode and look at 'all' my area is solid 2G.  When I look at my supplier only,O2, it shows 3G which is what I can get. Undecided
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Re: Mobile Phone Coverage

In the street outside my local Morrisons there is a T-Mobile mast.
Inside Morrisons my T-Mobile phone says 'no signal' Undecided

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Re: Mobile Phone Coverage

Interestingly I tried to take part in that survey; but my Android device was not compatible :-(