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I wonder if there are any genuine minivans still around ?

I used to own one, sliding windows and a cord to open the door..... happy days..... unless you had problems with the sub frame ... not so happy then.

none of this electronic ignition stuff, spare points and capacitor in your pocket and you were good to go.


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Re: Minivan

It wasn't just the vans that had cords to open the doors and sliding windows mini cars had too. And a steering wheel angled like a bus and the centre positioned speedometer. Brilliant Thumbs Up

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Re: Minivan

Did loads of miles in my old minivan, round the clock in two of them and more miles than I like to remember squashed up in the back of one. Talk about feeling sick and uncomfortable. Always recall how the engine would sort of tip back when you revved them up. Being so low to the ground - especially when they were fully loaded with bodies and tools in the back, it was always felt weird getting into a proper sized vehicle - the same as getting out of my old MGB.

Are they still around? Oh yes, at car shows, but like the E Type Jag (no, I never had one) and just about every Vauxhall back in the 60s, they suffered from rusty sills and rotten bottoms and yet a £25 1947 Vauxhall 14 I had which had not changed from it's pre-war design never had a spot of rust on it and why? I've absolutely no idea. Smiley

 PS. Still remember the registration numbers of both those minivans even after all these years!



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Re: Minivan

My first Post Office Telephones van was a Morris Minor, and I remember envying a couple of the guys who had minivans.

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