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Milestones in history

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Registered: ‎05-04-2007

Milestones in history

Rumour has it that Bob Pullen is 30 today.
I'll bet his mum made him wear short trousers on the first day he started work - he must have been a child prodigy.
Bob, you seem to have been around forever. Happy Birthday & congatulations on the contribution you have made to the industry in your (still) short life so far.
What will the digital connected world look like on the day Bob retires? I suppose that depends a bit if he retires aged 35 or if he's still at it into his 70's, but either way it looks as interesting looking forward as it does looking back over the last 10 - 15yrs.
Best wishes for the next 30.
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Re: Milestones in history

Oh well, it's a bit late now, but would like to add my belated good wishes. This is a real milestone and hope that it is not too traumatic for Bob.
Next one up will be our James who is 30 in July if my memory serves me correct.
Hope that he is happy in his new job.