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Mild. not the beer....the weather !

One part of Scotland had a recorded temperature of 18.7c (65f) last Saturday but the weather in this part of Lancashire has been very mild for this time of year and Christmas Day was sunny and warm........I wonder if......

All that good weather you folk in the South have is moving up here to the north.....fingers crossed.


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Re: Mild.

Same round these north eastern parts, though the past few nights have been frosty, so something somewhat "wintery" I guess, just no snow, and I want snow, because I love how this nation falls flat on its' face when the white stuff lands and people panic because they act like they've never seen it before... 🤣

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Re: Mild.

Middle of winter and just had two nights on the trot without need to light the stove.

Feels more like an early summer truth be told... not that my old bones are complaining. 

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Re: Mild.

It's funny how people on twitter were doing a 2009 vs. 2019 thing with pictures of themselves, the MET office went one better, Jan 2010 versus Jan 2020, as the 7th of January 2010 was one of the coldest winters we'd had for many years, and right now it's becoming one of the warmer winters... 🤣

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Re: Mild.

Just got back from our usual walk along Skegness beach on New Year's day. In a word - Cold! Saying that, a fair number of people doing much the same. No ice cream this year and must admit I was glad to jump back into the car and get warmed back up.




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Re: Mild.

Not too mild here.


We went for walk over Shropshire hills last Saturday and plenty cold enough for me ....but not minus 98degC