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Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) cleared of all charges.

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Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) cleared of all charges.

Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) cleared of all charges.
I never believed a word of the allegations.
I know Michael as Michael Turner, having worked with him on Coronation Street for many years, and being friends.
As I am with many of the Corrie Cast.
Just before the flight to Hong Kong today, checked my phone , and it went crazy with Text messages & Tweets from Colleagues at Granada.
(Using Airline Business Class Lounge Free wifi to post)

Many issues have been raised by this case, one of the most important in my view, is that the alleged victim is anonymous for life, by Court Order, yet the alleged perpetrator is not allowed the same privacy.
IMHO, both should remain anonymous, until a Guilty verdict is declared, or alleged victim wasting Police time, or even more serious, committing perjury is shown.
Not a single person at Coronation Street believed Michael was Guilty of any of the charges laid against him.
Actors, staff & Management.
(He was not suspended BTW, Granada / ITV  were waiting on the outcome of the trial.)

I understand he will take a holiday first, then after discussions with Granada, resume working on Coronation Street.
Michael is well liked at Granada, and in my 30+ years working in Broadcast Television, meeting many "Stars" who are mostly just ordinary people away from the camera, when socialising, he is one of the nicest I know.
I won't be away for long, and looking forwards to catching up with friends at Granada upon my return.
(Working in Television, we get to know things the general public are not privy to, which gives a different aspect to many News items, and "Celebrity" stories.)
And the privilege, in many cases, of having Access All Areas passes.

Michael, my thoughts are with you, and your family.
We are all looking forwards to working with you again.

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Re: Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) cleared of all charges.


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Re: Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) cleared of all charges.

What is that supposed to mean?
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Re: Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) cleared of all charges.

Well it's good to see that an innocent man (as the law has found) has been cleared!
PlusCom you never cease to amaze me with the things and people you know! You have an incredible life you really do!
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