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We write to confirm that we have taken payment for the sum of £28.99
which represents the period beginning 2004-10-27 payment regarding your
PlusNet Broadband Home Lite 2Mb (Annual Contract, No Modem) with included 6GB bandwidth account.


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Re: Memories

That long already? How time has flown by.
Really good to see Thumbs_Up
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Re: Memories

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Re: Memories

OThis is an unbelievable email from one of my previous suppliers before I moved to force9 which became part of Plusnet. Could a company get away with this these days ?


2nd October 2001


Dear Mr {Name Removed}


A Message from The Managing Director.



We at have decided as from Wednesday the 3rd October 2001 to discontinue our service to all our members forthwith.


Although we do not have to give any reasons for this conclusion, we believe

it only fair to you to let all know why we have come to this decision.


We will endeavor, from the list below to go through all the points raised

over the last week or so.


Q. Are going out of business or going bust.


A. No, quite the opposite in fact. From mid day Wednesday the 3rd October

2001 we are suspending our service for approximately one month, in which

time we will be returning with a four option service plan and it will be

entirely up to you if you wish to continue with us.


Q. Will we get our Money back?


A. As we have not closed our operation or gone into Liquidation or any other

form of closure any member who has subscribed to our twelve month payment

plan (and there only a few) will notice in their private mail over the next

few days a repayment which will be the precise calculation for unused



Monthly £9.98 subscribers will receive an automatic refund if they have been

overcharged in error for whatever reason.


*Please note we will be checking each and every claim to ascertain that

persons or companies claim is correct as set against our very accurate

logging and tracking system. We have had quite a few bogus claims already,

and we will take strong Legal action against any individual or company who

knowingly makes a false claim for a money refund. We believe this is no more

than attempted theft and is just not fair on all our honest members and us.


We are currently going through our Logs at this moment of time to find out

any member who has been inadvertently overcharged. Without question they

will be refunded so please bear with us as we are checking every account so

we don't miss anyone out.

This of course is the beauty of our month-by-month system because your

contract with us is for one month at a time only so no one can lose out.


Q. What if I paid by Standing Order Through my Bank?


A. Inform your Bank, immediately, that you wish to cancel your standing

order and if you have noticed that your Bank has just paid your subscription

for the next month then notify us and we will be only to pleased to refund

you direct.

Please note we cannot cancel your standing order for you, You Must cancel

your standing order at your Bank.


Q. What if I have joined just recently?


A. If you joined just recently by credit card transaction. Although it may

appear that you have paid us, you will in fact find, that no payment has

been taken from your credit card and your membership will now be cancelled.

If you have sent a cheque to us and have not received your service you will

be refunded without question.



Q. Can I continue to be a member ready for the re-launch in one month?


A. Yes you can, as, we have your details on file. We will not charge your

account until you agree the new service charges and conditions when posted,

until then you will remain (if you wish) on our file or if you want to be

removed from our file database then simply e-mail us and your details will

be removed.


Q. Your phone number seems permanently busy?


A. Yes. This is because a lot more of our members are ringing to enquire on

the latest status of our service and we simply do not have enough operators

to answer all these calls.


Q. Will I be able to use the same e-mail address after Wednesday the 3rd



A. No.


You may also contact us by:




Call at our office in Eccles in Manchester 9 to 5 Monday to Friday.


# Remember we have not closed down nor are we closing our operation far from

it. We are merely streamlining it for the future so we can return in one

month with a more enviable service than before with much improved service

availability and a choice of different service levels to meet everyone's


Our service was NUMBER ONE before and will be again. If, however, you feel

you cannot wait for our new service, then we wish you well and thank you for

your membership support. We hope you all enjoyed the number one service at


Dennis Cawley

Managing Director




There are a few people in the UK. who seem to immediately jump to the O They

Have Gone Bust Bandwagon (So they must have ripped us off scenario). It is

quite sad really that these creatures seem hell bent on wishing bad news on

themselves along with their fellow members by proceeding to write on Forums

the biggest load of unintelligent dribble anyone can imagine.

Maybe it is because these people have been ripped off (to use their

language) by other ISP in the past, but that is not and never has been style.

To those people, you know you are not fooling anyone out there. Your fellow

members take no notice at all of your bogus so called Webmaster claims and

all the nonsense you have been writing over the past weeks.

Just look, for examp13:30 le, at the berk who posted on a Forum that you could

have our service for £60 a year if you sent in your payment within seven

days. Totally untrue. All we can think of these people are sick and need

help. Do these sort of idiots think that any one sensible believes their

dribble, or perhaps its just that they never got any toys for Christmas. Who

knows or for that matter who even cares.


Under no circumstances will any posting headed from the Webmaster, Sales,

and Offers Etc be posted by and should be ignored as they

are likely to be bogus.