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Meals on Wheels

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Meals on Wheels

Just been watching the BBC news and one reporter has gone to this chaps house with meals on wheels and is asking him all sorts of dumb questions like, ' could you make your own dinner', ' do you think the service is good' etc.

Now the chap is sitting there his warm meal in front of him, oxygen tubes connected to his nose and his answers due to breathing problems are slow meanwhile.......

  His (censored) dinner is getting cold.

What's with these reporters have they no common sense.

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Re: Meals on Wheels

I expect the bit where the reporter asked why couldn't they order a pizza like everyone else was edited out.

Of course I'm joking but with the dumb questions left in you have to wonder.


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Re: Meals on Wheels

Cold meals eh.

Have they got no microwaves? Wink

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Re: Meals on Wheels

Just keep a few hens around, then you can have Eggs on Legs...