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Marmite Movie 2

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Marmite Movie 2

Avatar 2 is in production Cool

I think this is one of those franchises you either love or hate...I love it.

Avatar 3, Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 are also on the storyboard.

That's what I call forward planning.

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Re: Marmite Movie 2

Well, they've beat every other film franchise into the ground, so they gotta find something else.

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Re: Marmite Movie 2

Maybe they should do an epic thriller based on the lives of three Royal Observer Corps. men stuffed away in those bunkers they used to monitor for nuke blasts, would be far more thrilling than naked blue people dancing about some glowy planet thing...

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Re: Marmite Movie 2

I didn't initially like it but i can follow it. It's miles better than that flaming creepy and weird lord of the rings trash and that weird gollum "thing"

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