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Mandela's legacy

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Mandela's legacy

Hi All
Just seen this:
[quote="The battle for Nelson Mandela's legacy"]
While South Africa's political icon Nelson Mandela is set to celebrate his 92nd birthday on Sunday, his relatives and colleagues are becoming increasingly involved in bitter feuds for control of his name because of the political and economic riches it carries.
The disputes are taking place at different levels, involving Mr Mandela's family from his three marriages, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to which he dedicated most of his life, the various foundations and charities he set up after his retirement in 1999, as well as political comrades and business associates with whom he forged relations over many years.

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Re: Mandela's legacy

reminiscent of piccasso not leaving a will and all his family squabbling over it for ten years.  won't matter to mandiba.  bet he thinks it's a hoot.  i do.  feller still warm and they fighting over his remains.