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Management speak

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Management speak

The East Midlands Airport had a power outage leading to suspension of flights. The management comment was: "Our main power supply failed and then we had a challenge with our back-up generator, which meant for a period of time we had no power at the airport."
A challenge!  What they mean is someone responsible didn't properly test the standby power generators, or maybe a manager took the decision to save costs by reducing testing. While managers hide behind the language they (and the public) will  continue to suffer such outages.Next they'll say "Lessons will be learned."
Has anyone else in the forum come across examples of dumb management speak?
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Re: Management speak

The airport said all flights were suspended following an electrical power supply failure at about 08:30 GMT on Saturday.
Five outgoing flights were transferred to Manchester and Birmingham while other passengers waited in the departure lounge.

Did they really mean outgoing flights?