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Man cave connectivity

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Man cave connectivity

I am finally getting around to converting the garage for a man cave, come home bar and looking to get t'internet out there. I could try using home plugs, but haven't found them very clever in the house. My router is located at the front of the house, so I am considering drilling the wall and passing a cable outside. Would I need to protect the cable in a conduit or would it be okay on its own? Would I connect the cable to a "cable" router in the garage and get a connection? Would I also only plug into one of the lan connections on the rear of my router? My Son will also do some of his gaming out there too, so the connection needs to be reasonable.

Thanks for any options that may be available (noddy instructions please 😀)


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Re: Man cave connectivity

The outside world is a harsh environment for any cable. Conduit as a minimum. Steel wired network cabling is probably over the top for what you have in mind but it is tough as old boots!


Yes, you can plug it straight into the Lan ports but what do you propose having in the man cave?. Local Wifi would be far more convenient to connect to than a cable. But then it also depends on how far away your cave will be. You might even find a router located in the house but located on the garage side of the house might be good enough.


FWIW I use to have a router in the house and even 15metres away, with a signal passing through 3 ft solid walls, had no problems with WiFi signals. I would try various scenarios before committing.

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Re: Man cave connectivity


Ditto to all that. 

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Re: Man cave connectivity


Do the job properly by installing Ethernet cabling.
Wall sockets are widely available to professionally terminate it at each end. it can then be connected to your equipment at each end using standard Ethernet patch cables. You can get outdoor cable,it does not need to be installed in conduit unless it’s at risk of mechanical damage. It’s not like mains cable where insulation damage could be dangerous. In your man cave fit a wireless Access Point, These also have a built in Ethernet switch for hard wired use. You can also use a spare router in this configuration with minor tweaking.

To get cabling around my house I have one cable that goes through the wall then up the back of a drainpipe into the loft, across the loft and back down to the ground floor. I have used indoor cable all the way and apart from the purple sheath bleaching back to grey where it runs outside there is no obvious deterioration after about 5 years.

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Re: Man cave connectivity

No reason why a mains plug in type shouldn't work and save you a lot of hassle; obviously either end needs to be on same fuse board circuit.
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Re: Man cave connectivity

@Marksfish wrote:

My Son will also do some of his gaming out there too, so the connection needs to be reasonable.

For a quiet life It's got to be ethernet all the way..............

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Re: Man cave connectivity

If you want to protect your cable in the outside world... you could ..... pass it through some "garden hose"...  or

use.. PVC tubing...

Or.. you could fit some of this to the wall....   (it has a clip on "lid" so you can still inspect.remove.replace the cable it protects)

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Re: Man cave connectivity

Just get some 20mm flexible conduit - cheap as chips on ebay. You can get 25mm too but 20mm seems to be the most common and it works with most end connectors that fit into weatherproof sockets etc.

I've got a IP camera rigged up outside via ethernet cable - the 12V and ethernet are both in a flexi conduit down to the weatherproof socket. From there the 12V line slips out to the front where the 12V transformer is (when i say slips out i mean from the back of the socket to the front - all inside and weatherproof). The ethernet cable then passes back out through another gromit to the outside world and then comes back in under the back door. It's a 16 year old cat5 crossover cable lol - but does the job.

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Re: Man cave connectivity

Thanks for everyones' contributions. I am now going to digest the options and see where we go from there 👍