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M$ failing...

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M$ failing...
Microsoft, whose Windows and Office software are used primarily on PCs, lost its spot as the most valuable technology company last year to Apple Inc. (AAPL), as sales of iPad tablets and iPhones crimped PC demand. IBM Chief Executive Officer Sam Palmisano divested the company’s PC business six years ago, calling it commoditized, to invest in software and services.
IBM, now the world’s largest computer-services provider, topped Microsoft’s value in intraday trading last week. It hasn’t closed with a value above its rival since 1996, according to Bloomberg data.


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Re: M$ failing...

Hopefully it's quite plain to see that where the world used to be all about the PC, now it's much more fragmented.
Theresa the web
There's phones
There's games consoles
Wand there's still the PC.
So where MS used to just be worried about market share of the PC, now it's Market share of the whole lot.
Now just watch as over the next 10 years we all go web based.  A lot needs to change, but it is happening.