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Lovely Day

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Lovely Day

What a lovely June day.... 10.6 degrees c and wind gusting to 28mph.

Heavy cloud and 13.3mm of rain.

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Re: Lovely Day

Not much different where I am, cooler and wet and looks like it's going to be like this to the end of the week.

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Re: Lovely Day

A full day of rain here yesterday, but then this is Wales. Today however it's a lovely warm sun kept chilled by 25mph westerly by north westerly.

My George and the Dragon weather vane up on the roof is spinning like a good 'un. Thumbs Up  

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Re: Lovely Day

Must be more sheltered where you are @Strat - gust of 46mph here at 1240 today (according to the online weather forecasting station half way up Derbyshire Lane.)

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