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Lost Christmas movie

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Re: Lost Christmas movie


Well I suppose its a possibility, but not much actual information is given for programme content. And I'm not sure it was even on BBC.


Beryl Reid played a slightly drunk overbearing middle aged spinster having Christmas dinner with an anything to please simpering friend. An argument of the "no you/no you" ensued who would pull the last Christmas cracker, in which Beryl Reid as only she could delivered in exasperation the line: "pull the bloody thing". It wasn't a long sketch, maybe 10 minutes at most and may have been shorter, in one of the variety type shows that prevailed at that time. It was quite possibly in black and white.

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Re: Lost Christmas movie

Loved Beryl Reid, especially in 'The Killing of Sister George' a film which was rather controversial at the time. She seemed to be around for ever, and then suddenly gone.  

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Re: Lost Christmas movie

As a youngster I used to love watching Freddie Frinton and have had the 'Dinner for One' bookmarked for ages Smiley

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