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Loss of reality head-set?

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Loss of reality head-set?

Seen on was a virtual reality helmet.








It looks like something, we'd have made for our kids, when they were in reception or year 1.  And we'd have made it from Sainsburys boxes for nowt not £12.99

Tell me is it me aging, or people getting stupider?

No one has to agree with my opinion, but in the time I have left a miracle would be nice.
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Re: Loss of reality head-set?

That reminds me of a couple of things I saw people discussing which were available on eBay, though can't remember if they were on this forum or not.

One item was the cardboard tubes from the inside of toilet rolls, and sure enough there were quite a few at 'bargain' prices.

The other was a 'Fart in a jar' of which there was one listing at the time.  Checking now, I see there are plenty of those availableSmiley

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Re: Loss of reality head-set?

The people who buy these things are the same ones who always complain they have no money.

I wonder why ?

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Re: Loss of reality head-set?

I tried to sell THREE   EMPTY Quality Street sweet tins.... yes, they were tins, and not the modern plastic imitations...


I wanted £5 each... but no takers......


Fools... they would have been worth a lot more now....

More Fool Me.... shouda kept em ! ! ! !...


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Re: Loss of reality head-set?

I saw the pocket-sized London Underground maps for sale on eBay for 99p; they are free from any station.