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London Fashion Week

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London Fashion Week

Just seen an item on the BBC 1 o`clock news, about a model being size 12 to 14, instead of the "usual" size 8 or 10 required by the "fashion designers"...
it was seen as something of a "revolution" to use a woman of this size, despite the "normal"  ..... "average" size of the UK woman being size 16....!..
the thing that "grabbed" me, more than that announcement, was in the accompanying film of a string of models "prancing" along the catwalk...... all looking as miserable as sin, or totally "out of it", or blank faced dummies..... Sad Sad Sad
they are being paid enormous amounts of money for very little effort.... they only have to walk up and down the catwalk,  after putting on some clothes a few times a day....
(which is what just about what every "non model" woman does every day....)... . (getting ready to go out .... to work... for the evening.... they all spend hours choosing and changing their clothes......! ! !)
perhaps they are thinking... "I wouldn`t be seen dead in this "creation"..... even if you paid me.....)
(oops.... But I am being paid !)
Now that must be the reason they look so miserable...! Undecided
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Re: London Fashion Week

They're bound to be miserable - starving themselves and then having the brain-numbing job of walking up and down a plank, trying to make themselves look as if they are interesting.
They become the sum total of their body/appearance and the whole thing will blow apart at some unknown date in the future when nobody wants to use them anymore as they are too old.
Aside from the fact that it brings in money and jobs for the UK (or does it?), all this fashion business is a charade and a monumental waste of money. Women will never have equality while they insist on parading about in such daft clothing.  Sad