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Locked Threads

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Re: Locked Threads

@artmo wrote:

Why is it that the only action we seem to see from our mods is to lock threads once they have got out of hand?

On 2nd November a thread was locked until the mods decided what to do with it. So far we have not heard anything from them as to the outcome of their deliberations.

Today another thread has been locked.

Both threads were locked because of 2 individuals who failed to post in a responsible manner. Surely the way to have dealt with the problem would have been to ban the individuals concerned and allowed others to continue to post in the thread if they so wished. Why was this not done?

I feel our mods owe us an explanation as to their actions.

How ironic! You used to be one of the worst offenders artmo! I still see you posting topics that you know will cause problems too. You post and run, then hide to watch it all flare up and out of control.

A while back the mods pinned a topic about political and religious topics and yet repeatedly time and time again you post about politics and you know full well how those threads go on this forum.

We both know why you do it too - because you've been disciplined one time too many for picking on members and so the only way you get your kicks is to post topics you know will generate trouble instead.

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Re: Locked Threads

@jab1 wrote:

I wasn't going to comment on some posters stupidity - but can you all grow up, please?

Some people do not grow up irrespective of their age....


The purpose of this forum and the rules of the forum are clear.

Perhaps before anyone is allowed to use this forum they should be required to read the rules and tick in the appropriate box ' I have read and agree to the above'

Yes some will go straight to the box and tick it but if they go on to ignore the rules they are simply demonstrating their ignorance and stupidity which should equal a ban.