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Local Travel News.... - Updated every 10 mins or so...

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Local Travel News.... - Updated every 10 mins or so...

This morning, we awoke to about 9 inches of snow.... up till now, we haven`t had any here in Portsmouth, although the Isle of Wight seems to have had a good covering ....
As we live on a hill, I took a walk around the local area to see how the roads were, to get out onto the main road... (which is reasonably passable with traffic running carefully!)... on my walk I spoke to a guy clearing snow, about trying to get to Southampton, upon which he said the road was blocked due to jackknifed lorry... and it was on the local radio...
On arrival home, I got onto the BBC local radio website, and found this page... which is VERY USEFUL... as it updates (providing you refresh the page) every few minutes....
Find your local area, and it will show you the warnings, and the map, with the warning triangles on.... and the alerts... you can also check out your local "traffic cameras" to see how the road surface is looking .... Much better than listening to all the drivel on your local radio station and being updated every 30 mins.... (just when the doorbell goes, or the phone rings,......!)

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Re: Local Travel News.... - Updated every 10 mins or so...

thats the one I posted in the Cold/Snow thread
Quote from: pierre_pierre
this is a link to the Traffic cams on the M25 near the bridge, the Clever lot stop you linking to one cam, obviously not American
and this is the Scotland ones, a few up on the Highland tops as well