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Live Traffic on your computer

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Live Traffic on your computer

Was looking on Google maps at the local traffic situation this morning... before deciding which route to take to the hospital for a blood test appointment... route A was 25 mins and route B was 32 mins,...both with the note "Due to abnormal traffic conditons"...( this was before 9 am ).


I also checked out BING travel maps... and had the two up for comparison.... some variations in the location of "RED" traffic.. ( very slow or stopped )... so I looked for another one, and found this site..

which seemed to give an even different viewpoint on the congestion..( less than either,) and it seemed to be updating much quicker too...

I bookmarked it for future ref...

Playing around with it this afternoon, you can choose different "map" views... and one view that Google and BING don`t have is very interesting.... especially to those hardy "Walkers" who don boots and walking sticks and go madly into the wild countryside... the view is called  "Outdoors" ...



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Re: Live Traffic on your computer

Thanks @shutter -saved to my 'Transport' folder for future reference.Thumbs_Up