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Light Aircraft - wots up doc ?

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Re: Light Aircraft - wots up doc ?

My dad had one, A microlight license. I remember going to the airfield with him when I were a lot younger.

Flying doesn't really float my boat (as they say). I'm not a nervous person in a plane, I just don't really like it. My dad was terrible giving me a running commentary. This would be on a commerical plane - saying things like:

"Flaps are coming down".
"That's the undercarriage".
"We're on finals" (when you're about to land).

My thought is, and tell me if I am wrong as I usually am.

With a pilots license, you have to fly so many hours per year. Not sure how many. If you don't then they take the license away.

A lot more stricter than say a driving license, where if you don't drive you still keep it.

Sounds to me that the airfields have opened up, and people are eager to fly to keep their pilots license. QED.

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Re: Light Aircraft - wots up doc ?


Correct. To keep the license valid requires 12 hours flying per license-year, 12 takeoffs and landings, one hour with an instructor.

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Re: Light Aircraft - wots up doc ?

By the look of flight radar they're all trying to do that at the same time.


I assume many are running out of time to do this and unlike car mot's they're not getting any sort of extension.


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Re: Light Aircraft - wots up doc ?

A busy day for air traffic controllers to day......


busy day 0.png


Lots and lots of small planes... from gliders to small private jets...



busy day 02.png



( and the drone is patrolling the dover straits as well ) ..



busy day 3 drone.png