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Let the Train take the Strain !!

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Let the Train take the Strain !!

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First Great Western has apologised after hundreds of passengers were stranded in a broken-down train for almost six hours.
The train was at a standstill for five hours and 40 minutes, arriving at Paddington at about 22:15 BST.
(That's a lot of toilet flushing in one place !)
One reason I always take emergency food & drink with me. And a Torch. Add loo roll to that list !
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Re: Let the Train take the Strain !!

Certainly not good is it. Those trains are what.. 30 odd years old now so they should be inspected and checked for wear and tear before going on these long trips.
As for the lack of water  Shocked Thats appalling.
Last year or the year before there was a train broke down in kent somewhere. The passengers got so hot (no openable windows) that they forced the sliding doors on the train open and they walked to the next station causing the electricity for the entire line to be turned off.
Air is a basic human requirement. The railways need to figure out that when a train breaks down, people can't be kept in a sardine can slowly suffocating. Something must be done about these windows being locked.
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