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Learning something new

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Learning something new

It's that time of year when thoughts turn to night school/further education.
Personally, I haven't the stamina these days to turn out every week for a year or so.
However, it's good to learn something new so in an effort not to let the little grey cells completely decay I set off last night to my first monthly LUG (Linux User Group) session (all sorted out by our very own jmdlp).
I was welcomed cordially and the gentlemen there were very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Took my laptop and learned lots things, including a bit about command lines (now know how to find the equivalent of Device Manager).
Mark, the leader, had never used Spotify so I showed him how I had got it working in Wine and I played him a Supertramp track which he enjoyed.
All in all a pleasant evening. Anyone else got any learning plans for this year?
Also wondered if anybody had learned anything recently that they really didn't know and which made an impression?
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Re: Learning something new

I have, or had rather, plans to do a couple of Open University courses, one in Maths and another in IT, they didn't give a good enough deadline to return the forms though so I had no chance of getting my forms in on time to start the course!  I really should email them about it and ask if something can be sorted out, maybe a later date.  I enjoy learning stuff but have a hard time learning on my own with my own method (the internet) because I tend to try to get as much information as possible, get information over-load and give up Cheesy